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630 Squadron Crest

630 squadron's crest is shown left, the motto "Nocturna mors"  translates to "Death by night".

The squadron itself was originally formed from 'B' Flight, No 57 Squadron at East Kirkby near Spilsby, Lincolnshire, on 15th November 1943. They were equipped with Avro Lancaster B.I and B.III bombers and operated as a Main Force squadron in No 5 Group. The aircraft were marked using the following code:-

LE  Nov 1943 - Jul 1945


630 Squadron Lancaster - designation LE-P


Between 18/19th November 1943 and 25th April 1945, the squadron took part in many major raids, including each of the 16 big raids made by Bomber Command on the German capital during what became known as the "Battle of Berlin". 

First WWII operation :- 18/19th November 1943 : 9 Lancasters bombed Berlin. 

Last WWII operation : 25/26th April 1945 : 4 Lancasters laid mines in Onions area (Oslo fjord off Horten).

Following April 1945 the squadron became involved in ferrying POWs back to Britain, finally disbanding on 15 July 1945.

Although only in existence for 22 months, 630 squadron had earned it's place in in RAF History. They flew a total of 2,453 sorties, dropped a total of 10,347 tons of bombs and laid approx: 800 sea mines in enemy waters. 

Seventy members of the squadron won gallantry awards, but at a cost... 59 Lancasters had been lost in action (another 11 had crashed).


The idea for this site was initially brought about following my attempts to find information regarding my father Malcolm Elliot Gregg  on the internet. He was a bomb aimer in WWII in Lancaster Bombers and flew with 630 squadron. Unfortunately, my father died when I was young (1973) and I never got the chance to speak to him about his memories/experiences. This site is the result of my investigations and a desire to create some sort of memorial, to all those who flew with 630 squadron during the war. Please feel free to browse the site. If you have any information that you wish to pass on... feel free.

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